Sunday, January 20, 2008


To be well!

I was sick for so many weeks, with a few not so good days still, when I have a good day... IT IS A GREAT DAY!!! I enjoy cleaning the kitchen and being with my boys, making dinner and going to the grocery store! WOW!!! I am officially domesticated!!! Who would have thought? ;)
The 2nd trimester has come, thank the Lord! My appetite has gone through the roof, SOMETHING I LOVE, because for so long I didn't have one!!! The twins are asking for more food, which is a great sign because this means they will grow along with me!!! So you know, average weight gain for Mama of twins is 50 lbs... I am NOT SHOOTING for that! It is just a warning for those who look at the updated pics ;)!!!
I find out in 4 weeks what they are!!! I have a very strong feeling that there is one boy and one girl. I prayed about it and felt that is what he said! If it is true, all of our faith can be built up!!! I have heard from Him again!
We are throwing some names around, but Aaron can't decide until he knows what they will be. Byson is a boys name we like, meaning son of two, or twins. For a girl we like... something along the lines of Roxie. These are unofficial, and will either keep you posted, or won't tell anyone until they are born. Leave something to look forward to! ;)
Thanks for reading!!! Have a blessed day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little Belly!

Right at Ty's hand there is a little belly! One day it just popped out. I am carrying different from the boys. I was wide with them, this pregnancy so far seems to be that I will carry with a ball out front. 5 more weeks and I find out WHO they are!!