Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sophia's step...

Not only can Sofi walk, stick out her tongue on command, crawl backwards, say Papa and wave bye-bye while saying ba-ba...
A few days ago she began through temper tantrums where she rollers to her belly and gets really mad!!! She was over tired tonight. She did not want her jammies! As I was getting her dressed (which she did not want to do) she began to throw her temper tantrum, turned her face SUPER RED, held her breath and passed out for 3 secs. I put her on my lap and I yelled her name and smacked her chest to startler her. She woke up and was very clingy to me. I also noticed she was sweaty. After a few more minutes she was back to herself. I then called an advice nurse. After he asked all the right questions he said, "Well, I guess you should not make Sophia mad!" We both had a good laugh! He then said, "all this at 14 months, imgaine her at 14 years!" LIKE I NEED A REMINDER ;)!
I keeping checking on her and she is doing great and sleeping comfortably! They just so happen to have an appointment tomorrow and I will be sure to talk with Dr about this too!
Well, enjoy some of her first steps!!!

71% of you were right!!!

I just edited my last blog entry, because... not only did I write through my children's eyes, but it also sounded like my children wrote it!!! OI!!!

Well, today one of my poll questions were answered! SOPHIA WALKS FIRST!!! She took two steps, followed by a single step later on! I will post the video later on!
Sophia is crawling backwards and sticks out her tongue when asked! Two new things this week!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Through a child's eye!

My blog is going to take a small turn. I will still post pics so family from out of town can be updated, but I also want to write through the eyes of my children. They are saying so many things... they are so special and unique. They will be authors of the blog (glob) from here on out!
In the last few weeks Tyler has been asking so many questions. Alex is listening and learning at the age of 3, earlier than most because of his big brother! They are both very wise young men!

The other day Tyler asked me, "How do babies get in mom's bellies."
I said, "Mommies have eggs and something special happens and it turns into a baby!"
He was satisfied.

Today, the men were eating lunch and the boys asked, "How many Jesus' are there? Because Jesus in your heart and my heart and other people's hearts."
Aaron explained, "Jesus loves everybody so much and he is so big that he can be in everybody's heart at the same time."

Children are so special. I love seeing the world through their eyes!!

Fun on the trails..

Naomi and Ruth
Sophia loved being in the water!
Alex was riding the tree horse!
Almost back to the car.

Bina's new sound

Here is another video of Bina and her new sound!!!

Fun with Anuschats'!

Busy day but very fun!
Max and Meg have such a loving home, my kids enjoy being there so much!

Fun and Grma & Grpa

Focused and so excited to help Grpa paint! Alex's job ended with paint on his elbows that ended up on Grm's dining room table! Outdoor oil-based paint! But it came off!
This job ended with hardly a drop on him!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bina day!

A few days ago I posted a few videos of just Sofi... So here is one for Bina! I had another one of her on the bike and I lost it, so I will get another one and will post it another day!
This video shows all the things she can do!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleep over fun!

Silly faces!
Tyler's favorite "cousins"!

What a great brother!!!
What a great summer time snack!
Check out Tyler's face... and what he is protecting!

Funny girls!

I love rice cakes!
SOOOO MUCH!!! Are there any left?
They are not so good!
Why does she keep touching me??? -Sofi
Hahahahahahha!! -Bina

Monday, June 22, 2009


Girls having fun on the bikes with Bro-bros!
Fun with dad! This was s fun day... Bina almost fell off and Aaron caught her by her leg... but she still hit her head on the slide :(! And then Aaron called Sophia SOFECES!!! I was laughing so hard I could not breath!

More pics pics pics!

4 kids at the play ground!

"Introducing ... Chas... my new best friend!" -Bina
Aunt Krista and Sofi!
Having fun with Auntie!
3 kiddos at the play ground!

Daddy's Cam

We loves trees!!!
Grandpa's new garden!
Dessert on father's Day!
Such a full day she fell asleep in my arms!!! This has not happened in a long time!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Sofi walking...

Sofi stuck on the table...


The frog is over there....
How do I get off???

New stuff!

Two days ago Sophia began pointing! And today she got up on the table all by herself. She got stuck, but loved getting up! Sabrina is now becoming afraid of things. She has this one book with a picture of a dog and cat and she whimpers like they are going to hurt her. She is also afraid of a stuffed frog. Today she would not go play with her toys because the frog was there. Instead, she stayed on the couch... looking at the toys and whimpering. Then I moved the frog away and she was fine!!!??? Also, when I feed Sophia and Bina is watching... she opens her mouth wide as other ppl do when watching other ppl eat. IT IS SOOOO CUTE!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Silly kids!!!
Thank you for helping me so much today Ashtin!
I had fun!
The girls have already gotten used to you!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Dear Jesus, Help Sofi not go down the slide on her own!
Yummy popsicles... Why did Mommy take mine away! Sofi was crying for Bina... but it fell into the packaging I had to take it away to fix it!
Sofi..."I am beautiful!"
This is "Tyler's horse"... Pretty Girl

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun at the park!

Alex and Mommy!
Alex waiting inside... too afraid to...
Bina wants to go down the slide all by herself! SHE IS SO BRAVE!!!
Sofi loves it if she is with someone!!!
Bina does too!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New things...

If you ask Bina, "Where is your tongue?" She sticks out her cute little tongue! SO CUTE!
Ty was playing hide and seek with her!
Sophia is standing and going to a squat without support!
While siblings played, she stayed in her crib! She did not want to leave her blanket!!!
Blanket stays in bed unless she is sick! So, there she stayed!