Monday, June 29, 2009

Through a child's eye!

My blog is going to take a small turn. I will still post pics so family from out of town can be updated, but I also want to write through the eyes of my children. They are saying so many things... they are so special and unique. They will be authors of the blog (glob) from here on out!
In the last few weeks Tyler has been asking so many questions. Alex is listening and learning at the age of 3, earlier than most because of his big brother! They are both very wise young men!

The other day Tyler asked me, "How do babies get in mom's bellies."
I said, "Mommies have eggs and something special happens and it turns into a baby!"
He was satisfied.

Today, the men were eating lunch and the boys asked, "How many Jesus' are there? Because Jesus in your heart and my heart and other people's hearts."
Aaron explained, "Jesus loves everybody so much and he is so big that he can be in everybody's heart at the same time."

Children are so special. I love seeing the world through their eyes!!

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Tana said...

I agree. This season of life will never come again. Have fun enjoying!!