Friday, February 29, 2008


My bedrest has been lifted!!! I am still displaying complete previa, but I am no longer on bedrest. YIPEEE!!!! I spoke with my DR this morning, and he said the previa may not move being that it is completely covering the cervix now. There is still a chance, but it looks like we are going to schedule a c-section no matter what. Not just for this reason, but also because Baby A is breech!!! With one baby it would have more of a chance to move about but at this point, these girls are already pretty tight. 
ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN I KNOW, but the other part of me making a list of why I am excited about scheduling a c-section. 
1. IT CAN BE PLANNED!!! :)  
2. NO LABOR PAINS (unless I go early, but they will do emergency c-section)
3. Will deliver between week 36 & 37 (unless they come sooner, but def. not later)
Week 36-37 is June 21-28th!!! So EXCITING!!! Being that I am type-A personality... this really overjoys me. PLANNED! Being that there are two, I won't mind going sooner as long as their health is up to par!!! I have looked up pics of women at 33 weeks prego and they are already bigger than I was with Alex at full-term. No better time to over eat ;), no one will know if it is twins or me getting fat... hahahahahahahaha! At least they won't say anything to my face!
My mom has been hear for a few weeks DOING EVERYTHING which has allowed things to heal and strengthen, but I will still need to take it easy. THANKS MOM!!!!!! I can cook and fold laundry, but no heavy lifting. Aaron will still have to and continue to do the following until weeks after the girls are born (to also allow time to heal from c-section): Laundry, bath boys, clean bathrooms and floors (vacuuming), full-time job (which requires special care and attention of its own), take care of pregnant woman carrying two girls (with estrogen levels through the roof), grocery shopping (as walking too much caused previous cramping issues), occasional cooking, multiple massages and looking good all at the same time! 
I have received a call from special Pre-term department of my health care providers and I am at the top of their list being that I am having twins, I have the previa with the issues and 
I am just too cute :) !!! They will be calling me weekly to make sure I doing all I can to keep these babies healthy and happy until safe delivery time. 
As I write the boys are playing like boys, making Alex screaming causing Baby A to kick about!!! So active, so fun so busy!!! I am so glad because before I got prego I was bored!!! Well, didn't God answer my prayers!!!
Enjoy the pics... one is of Baby A kicking Baby B in the head (a regular occurrence at each of my ultrasounds) and the other is of Baby B laying with her arms crossed in front of her and her legs are bunched up, you can see her knees. My mom and I could see so many details at this ultrasound it was beautiful! MY GIRLS ARE DOING GOOD!!! My boys are doing good, and we hope and pray you are doing good as well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am now 20 weeks! The babies are 12 & 14 oz. They are both girls :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

16.5 weeks:)


80% Chance of Two Baby Girls
Feeling good! We started decorating ideas for the babies' room! More and more fun each day!!! Tyler thought it was two boys. It took us about 30 min to convince him there were two girls. Alex just keeps saying... TWO BABIES, while he holds up five fingers!!!

Thought of doing the babies' room in red lady bugs, but AARON WANTS PINK!!!! Can you believe that??? FUN FUN FUN!!!!