Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alex fell asleep this way!

He was totally passed out with this over his eyes!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Day!

We found another amazing trail around the Battle Ground Lake!!!
Sofi was in my backpack.
Can you find Alex?
Bina was with Daddy and the boys ventured all over.
This is Uncle Dio's shirt, scraped on the pavement. Alex was worried about Uncle Dio's owies!
Oh... like that!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lucia Falls

The sun was reflecting of the water onto our faces... so pretty!
The water was crystal clear.
THEY MEAN BUSINESS!!! The boys went off on another trail and they wanted to go!
Me and my boys near a huge cliff.
Aaron and boys at the same cliff!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Party at school!

Alex made a crown!
Ty is making one while Bina tears it up!
Sofi making her own cookie!
The Cole table, with Ryan!
Hugs on the couch!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So many updates today!!!

Sabrina went on the potty for her first time! They have been sitting for weeks... but she finally went!!!


Last night Aaron was giving the kids a bath... GO AARON! I was cleaning the kitchen and joined him once I was done. At that point Sophia was ready to get out. He brought her to me all bundled up in the toweling as she said, "BABY!" Whenever I wrap them so, I love on them and call them BABY like they are infants again! :) Very sweet how they soak it up!

Well, it was time to get her dressed. She laying on our bed and I pulled her by her hand to help her sit up and she playfully became dead weight.... this caused her wrist to pop and right away she started whimpering. I prayed that she would be ok, but I knew something else had to be done. I was not sure if it was her elbow or her wrist. It was her wrist. I could hold her wrist in place and move her elbow fine. When I let go of her wrist, her hand flopped and she whimpered again!!! As she sat in my lap, obviously in pain, I called our neighbor who was a nurse and she said take her in right away. So I called Natividad to see if she could come so Aaron wouldn't have to miss work and she had a final... so, Aaron would just have to go in later. I then began to call the Dr.

At this time I felt her wrist pop!!!

RIGHT AWAY.... Sophia raised her arms in the air and said, "TANK OO DESUS!" (Translation: Thank You Jesus) began clapping and playing as if NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Sophia was healed!!!

Newest Pics!

There was a stray cat that LOVED Alex. We called this kitty hugs! The cat must have liked Alex best b/c of their hair color is similar!
Our walk around town... the boys played King of the fire hydrant!
Uncle Troy at the Super Bowl Party! The hosts, are trying to figure out how frosting got all over their picture frames!!!???
Ummm..... yeah!
GUILTY!!!!!!!!!! Sister was too, just not as dirty as Sabrina!
Fun in the sink! This is one of the girls favorite play times!

Teaching each other!

So the girls are teaching others things but they aren't the best lessons:)! Bina used to say eat... Sofi neat. Now they both say neat for eat! Bina says binkie, GG, like the g sound in the back of her throat. I encourage her to say BABY and KEY and she can say both. Then I ask her to say BINKIE and she says GG! :) I should get it on video! This is also how she says THANK YOU and Here You Go! So of course... this is now how Sofi says the same phrases! :) SOOO CUTE!!!