Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who's Who?

Twins... not identical... but hard to tell them apart!

Sophia's Pics

Sophia Brooke Raise the roof... Oooo Oooo!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't I look like my Mommy????

Sophia Brooke
Holly Joy

Pics of Sisters from yesterday!!!


Pure Happiness!


Sabrina is off all air support! YIPEEEE!!!! They are also regulating their own temperatures!!! They could be home as early as 3 weeks from now:) There will be more pics of Sophia after Sunday's visit! All three of these are of Sabrina! Both have taken multiple bottles and have latched on!!! THEY ARE SO CLOSE TO BEING HOME!!!! SOOOOO EXCITING!!!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tyler, Daddy and Sabrina.
Two heads are better than one!
Kisses to Sophia!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


The girls are now sleeping in the same bed!!! Sophia has on white and pink and Sabrina is in the green. Sophia will have blood work done and may need a transfusion just like her sister had the other night. I will know more tomorrow. Sabrina did much better fter hers. So if Sophia needs it, it will help her a ton too! They are growing so fast. They are both about 3 1/2 lbs!!! Both have latched on and then fall alseep with pure exhaustion:) They get tuckered fast! I am spending more time with them now that the are 32 weeks. They look right into my eyes they follow toys in front of them and just seem so much more alert. I feel like they can come home... but they have about 4 more weeks to go!!! I am enjoying every second I can.

My girls!

Sophia holding her own binki!Sophia's first sleeper... and it fits;)
Sabrina after her bath:)
Sabrina's new hat!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Special Night with the girls!

Aaron and I visited the girls this evening, following a NICU Parents meeting. We heard other peoples stories, some encouraging some very very very sad. We walked away so thankful that our girls are doing so well. We truly are blessed. Sophia's murmur has decreased, which is a great sign and an answered prayer!
Sabrina had a rough night while we were there. She actually turned purple-grey because she stopped breathing, it was very scary. I had to walk away, but Daddy stayed and held her hand. We were both praying HARD! It was not easy to see for either of us. Her hemoglobin levels are very low, and she may need a transfusion before tomorrow. This is very common for a preemie, and as soon as she gets the blood she will be even better than ever.
Sabrina's murmur is still quite loud. Please keep her in your prayers.
She is still doing very well, Sophia is just a tad stronger.
Both of their eye exams came back normal for this age... PTL!!! This means no blindness or eye issues as of yet. They will receive another test in 2 weeks.
I will keep you posted (not even the Drs are worried about their vision).

Doesn't see look like me?
Sabrina after her major spell this evening. Doesn't she look beautiful???
A mother's love!
Sophia resting soundly in Mama's arms!

Dad having special time with his girls!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

PROOF of 3lbs!!!

The girls are doing great today! Their brothers were able to see them through a glass door! IT WAS VERY SWEET TO HAVE OUR WHOLE FAMILY TOGETHER! So much fun!!!

Sabrina drank 6 CCs for her first time today! She did great!

Sophia is now over 3lbs 3 oz

Sabrina is just over 3 lbs!
What joy two girls brings;)!

Monday, May 19, 2008


So many special things happened today!
When I arrived at the hospital the girls were moved to a new place in the same NICU, just to make things easier for the nurses. The girls handled it well! There are babies crying all around them. LOUD BABIES! The girls are handling it well! I GOT TO HOLD BOTH GIRLS AT ONCE!!!!! Boy, did reality click in:)! They began pushing and shoving each other. Actually, Sophia was still... Sabrina was doing the wiggling!! Just like in the womb! This was the first time there have been close to each other since birth! WHAT A SPECIAL MOMENT!
GUESS WHAT ELSE...??? SOHPIA BROOKE TOOK A BOTTLE TODAY!!!!!!! She did awesome. She paced herself, she suckled, swallowed and still remembered to breath!!! She did not spit up and she did not choke!!!! SHE DRANK LIKE A CHAMP!!! IT WAS SOOOO SPECIAL!!!
Check out all the pics below!!!


High Flow

Both girls are on High Flow, which is a small amount of forced oxygen. They may go back on CPAP, but they are trying high flow for a few days. So far they are doing great!!! The are tolerating feedings and each had a bath without any stress! I have been praying they THRIVE... and they are!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
I spoke with the Doctor today in more detail about what Sophia went through her first few days in life. He then mentioned his response to her treatment and he used these words... "IT WAS A MIRACLE". I love hearing Drs use those words. He was refering to the meds given the first few hours of her life. Within a few hours of the medication Sophia's coloring and health improved. If the meds did not work Sophia would no longer be with us. The Drs were not expecting the meds to work. PTL!!!! Not only did they work, but she is now thriving. Sophia reached 3 lbs tonight. SHE IS A MIRACLE, as is Sabrina. Bina, now weighing 2 13 did not have such a rough start, but who can look at a baby, understand the dynamics and not believe in miracles!!!
The girls will be getting eye exams this week. Please keep them in your prayers. Also, please pray for their hearts. We are hoping the holes in their hearts close by mid-June so no surgery is needed. I will keep you posted!

Sabrina on just a tad bit of oxygen and doing great on her tummy!

Sophia enjoying her oxygen and sleeping on her tummy!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed:)
Sabrina (top) Sophia (bottom)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our baby girls!!!

Sabrina smurking!Sophia wide awake!!!

They are getting chubby!

Sabrina Star Sophia Brooke
After my visit today I noticed how different the girls look from each other! Sabrina takes after Daddy's side and Sophia after Mommy's side. We will see if this remains true as they grow!!! Either way.... aren't they the cutest girls EVER!!!???