Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some more fun pics!

Daddy with the girls!
Ashton... Alex's Sugar Mama, holding Sabrina!
Ashton, Logan, Tyler and Sabrina hanging out at Ashton & Logan's house!
Hunter and Alex. Turning 3 on Oct 11th and 13th! Alex is older by 2 days:)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

They love Uncle Josh sooo much....

...they are fighting over him!!! Sophia is saying... "He's my Uncle Josh!" And Sabrina is saying, "Sophia.... you bit my FINGER!"

What great fun!

These are the girls' first bows:)!! They are stuck on with Pecan Maple Syrup!

I am so glad my brother is here! It is so nice having someone around all the time. I hope he stays for a long long long time!!! The girls love him and I love how he is with the girls. He is so calm and gentle. I have not seen a man more gentle with babies than him and my oldest brother Tony. GREAT DAD and DAD TO BE in the distant future. Josh is a great catch for anyone!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


My brother drove up to my place today and honked the horn while I was on the phone with him... I heard his horn in surround sound and I knew he was here! I screamed and ran outside. I have been soooo happy ever since!!! I am just as happy as I was when my mom told me she was pregnant with him. I was 7 and prayed for over a year for a baby brother. He was born a few months after my 8th birthday! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD! 

A Special 10 year old!

A few days Ago I was visiting my friend Kristi. When I arrived she said there was someone down the street that wanted to meet the girls. I figured it was her neighbor who I have met at a Bible study. I was right, but there was someone else very special that came along. Her 10 year old son! When he found out about the girls in April and he began to pray for them. So that afternoon, when we visited, he was able to meet the precious miracles that he had been praying for. It was so special to see him hold Sophia's hand, encouraging his faith, knowing he made a difference in their lives by praying for their lives. I have never seen such a tender heart 10 year old boy. Sometimes we have no clue who is there for us when we need to pray... but it was so special to meet this boy and see his joy when he met the girls.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our NICU roomie!

T.J. came to visit us in our home today. T.J. was the girls' room mate in the NICU for several weeks. He was a 29 weeker... another miracle baby! His mother and I have remained friends and the hubbies got along really well tonight, after meeting for the first time too! Sophia is in bed, but Sabrina and T.J. were watching TV together.


Drs want me to bring Sophis in next week to get weighed instead of two weeks from now. If she does not gain weight then they will want to see her!

Growing Girls!

I had the girls weighed yesterday! Sabrina gained 12 ounces (9 13) and Sophia (9 9) stayed the same. just before Sophia's surgery she had lost 3 ounces and gained those 3 back, so maybe the recent cold slowed her down a tad. I received a message on my phone that the Dr wants want me to call this morning. He either wants to discuss immunizations (which I am holding off on) or that Sophia has not gained as much as sis! I will post an update once i talk with the office. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Enjoying the sun!
Talking to Papa!


Big Helper!

Sabrina and Tyler
Sofi and Tyler

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our wonderful Nanny!

She is great with the boys and the girls.


I have not seen smiles like this from Sofi in days! I have been nursing her with a few soy formula bottles and she is much happier!!! She is soooo much happier! The girls are scheduled two days in a row now! It has been sooo nice! They go in tomorrow for a weight in to make sure they are doing well! Will keep you posted... as always!


Today has been the best since the girls have been home. I was able to play with plaudough ... with the boys and make brownies!!! The soy was good for Sofi. They were both awake and happy, not in my arms! They both fell asleep without binkies, at the same time, no crying... and they fall asleep on their backs or their tummies!!!!!!! Hope it lasts... feels like a light went on in their heads!!!!! going to go eat brownies now! THANK YOU ROSE!!!!


Kristin shared some info with me and some soy formula. Sophia hardly spit up this morning, and b/c she is not crying, Sabrina is happy! Both girls awake, in the swing and bouncy chair (thanks Betsy) and they are happy as clams!!! This feels GOOD!!!! They are both wearing cute brown outfits, with dashing of pink. Both are tired and I am going to try them in the same crib tonight. Will let you know how it goes!!!! 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun day with the Young's:)

The girls first date. Sophia putting on the moves... wanting to hold Charlie's hand!
Alex.... fell into the bushes while playing ninjas:) SOOOO CUTE! He didn't think so:)!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I figured out the feeling!

I have been trying to describe how it feels having twins, in such a way so that other people can understand. My dear friend Betsy helped me figure it out today! It feels like I am in the church nursery... when one starts crying they call cry. Pure stress the entire time, trying to make each one happy. The only difference here... there is no fancy system where I can enter a number and someone comes and gets their kids! I am the Mom and I have to keep going 24/7. Thank God they are sleeping 7-10 hours a night!!!! It is getting easier... but the hard days are still really hard. I have decided to nurse Sophia as the formulas are affecting much more and I am only bottle feeding Sabrina. THANK YOU SARAH!!! If the supply is there I am nursing both. But my primary concern is for Sophia, trying to minimize her puking. This way I can nurse one and bottle feed the other at the same if the schedule works out that way during the day! The boys are loving their sisters. We are not seeing any major acting out... but their bed time is now 7:30!!! They are much happier. THANK YOU JENNE!!!
If it were not for my mother's continued support and my friends wisdom I'd be lost!
Jackie... you better write me details about yourself!!! I want to hear it all!!!

They could be sisters!!!

Aren't they cute!?! Brittany is so good with Sabrina! She settles in and falls right to sleep! remind you of me when I was her age or what?

More smiles???

Silly girls!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pillar and Sabrina

One of our neighbors! Natividad's mom:)


Sophia's Dr's appt today went great. He feels that we should leave her hemangioma alone for a time. If it gets larger again... then we might do something else, but since the injections it has shrunk in size, it is softer and the discoloration is lighter! PTL!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Nanny!

Shannon! She is wonderful and the boys love her!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marci and Sophia

Yet another one of my helpers!


Sorry about the timers!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is a video!


Pizza Party!

We had a pizza party with two of our neighbors!!! It was great fun! I also found two new babysitters!!! Marci and Brittany (as seen in the pic)!!!

New Chairs!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Sleeping through the night!

The girls are officially sleeping through night. Last night was day 6 for Sabrina! Sophia was interrupted a bit b/c of her procedure... but she is back to sleeping through. They are both doing between 7-10 hours!!! I am so proud of them. 

BIG NEWS!!! WE HIRED A NANNY!!!! Shannon will be coming a few days a week to help with everyday stuff that I really can't handle on my own. Aaron and I are doing great, but a family helper is going to make a huge difference! This will guarantee Aaron getting enough sleep and I will not pull out my hair or feel guilty about not being able to take care of the 4 chillins' the way I see fit! No, seriously... they are taken care of, but there are many things I know they each need and in order to do that I need help. Mostly b/c I do not have family in town... AKA my Mommy to come to my rescue. But Shannon is awesome!!!  

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All the boys!

Tyler, Colton, Austin and Alex.


Recently Alex has had fun talking like a robot. We are not sure where he got it from but he is really good at it! When we left for the hospital yesterday, Alex again had to make sure I was coming home. He put his hand under my chin, tilted his head and then said, "And then you come home?". I do not think they will forget when I went to the Dr and didn't come back for 4.5 weeks!

When I was at hospital I talked with Tyler on the phone and told him I was coming home tomorrow. He said, "When you get home I will kiss you." It was so sweet! I love my boys!!

Also, new stuff for the girls. I laid Sabrina down next to her sister and she looked right at her and then cooed. It was soooooo sweet! Then just before Sophia's surgery Aaron was holding Sabrina and I Sophia, they were facing each other and Sophia just kept smiling at her sister. It was soooooo cute. AND... SABRINA HAS FOUND HER HANDS. She looked at them and is always putting them in her mouth! Sophia has also... grabbed Tyler's hand and began licking it. Check out the video!!! 
All of these things are BIG GIRL stuff. We are so proud of them!!!

And then there is Aaron. When Sophia was being observed by the Drs after the surgery, the pediatrician wanted a background on her. He said, "Let's start from the beginning." Aaron then replied with, "Well, it all started about a year ago." I added, "It all began with a kiss. One thing lead to another." We were all laughing. It was fun! Again the nurses and Drs were wonderful! I felt like I was at a hotel!

This is a video from 2 days ago!

The boys fun day!

Ty said, "My Daddy likes to make funny faces in pictures." Then he taught his friends how to do it!
Alex said, "Miss Tera, take my picture... CHEEEEEEEEEEESE!"

While Sophia had her surgery, the boys were playing at their friends' house. Thank you Tera and Nick, for taking such good care of our boys!!!

Sophia's recovery

Knuckles... yum!
Just before surgery. The arrows are to mark which eye:)!

Sophia did really well. She came out of her "sleep" really well and want to eat right away. This was a very good sign. Her hemangioma had 5-6 injections with solutions as well so it was quite swollen post-op. This morning the swelling from the surgery has gone down, but it is bruised at one of the injection sites. We are able to give her some Tylenol. She is sleeping well! We will know on the 15th what the Dr would like to do. If the steroids worked we can leave it alone and will continue to shrink. If the steroids did not work, then 3 weeks from the 15th we will have the tumor extracted. This will mean an incision, and more anesthesia. We are praying the steroids work. I will keep you posted. Thank you all for your prayers!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun in the Sun!


Fun in the yard!

My boys love playing in their "sandbox"!

Cute pics!

After a trip to the park! ZONKED!!!
Hugs from Sabrina for Daddy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


all the kids r stuffy and coughin' :) notice sophia's hair in ny pic with everyone... looks red:)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sick and Healthy

3 out of the 6 have a cold. Sophia, Tyler and Alex. But, we are surviving!!! Sophia has not needed anything but more hugs and kisses, if this is at all possible... at least from me! :) Aaron and I are healthy and Sabrina is not showing any signs as of yet. We have figured out that Tyler is allergic to the grass at our place. There might be something growing in the grass that is affecting him, because he has never had issues with the grass before! So, he has to stay off. Instead we have placed our sandbox on the patio and filled it with pebbles for the boys to dig and play in without going on the grass. They have some kitchen type toys and of course... dump trucks:)!!! I will get some pics of this soon! Ohhhh I forgot... they had a well child check up the other day... 
Sabrina is 9 1.5 lbs and Sophia is 9 9 lbs:), both are 21.5 inches long!!! THEY ARE SOOOO BIG:)!!!
Dr is very happy with their progress and they will remain on 22 cal formula for another month or two!!! Sabrina's eyes are staying blue and Sophia's are getting darker:) Love to all!!!


Smiles galore!
Happy Sophia!
Sabrina is Fencing!!! 
This is actually a reflex when they turn their head. If you were to turn her head the other way, her arms and legs would do the same thing but switch sides. 


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Helping Hands

My friend Tana came over yesterday to help, and it was a great help! THANK YOU TANA! She fed and took care of the girls with me so I could make the boys lunch and not feel overwhelmed. The girls ended up sleeping really well for their afternoon naps and last night... Sabrina slept 7 hours and Sophia 10. They are both resting soundly this morning at the same time, so I have time to write you and ask for prayer. The boys woke up with colds... and Alex sounds how he did just before the girls got really sick last time. We will be washing our hands 10 times more than ever. But I have to give it over to God. We are preventing as much as possible, but we can't stop it all. This also means no one should come over here for 7 days post the first day they feel well... so no one else gets sick. This means no help, so please pray for extra grace taking care of the girls too.I also hope this doesn't interfere with Sophia's surgery. Oh dear... the joys of having preemies. Aaron may have to take a few days off instead. Any advice? 
Thank you for your prayers!!!!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pretty in Pink!!! This is also the first time they have worn shoes... and they stayed on:)!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tyler's hives

He is covered from head to toe! It is even on his ears. What you see on his knees is all over his arms and his torso. He had an allergic reaction to something, but we have no idea what!