Sunday, August 31, 2008



Great pics!

One is asleep, one is awake!
One is going to sleep, the other is awake.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Videos of the girls cooing!!!

Aren't they darling!

A great morning... All smiles:)!

My friend Tana took the boys overnight and I was able to get so much done. I was also able to take a nap in the morning too. After she BROUGHT THEM TO ME (THANK YOU DEAR) I was able to go to the store with the boys to get them shoes for the fall. Tana stayed with the girls. They were pretty good, but she told me she gets it... the whole twin thing;). Because of her loving care the girls were happy playing on the floor so I could take good pics. Plus, they are now both napping. I was able to lay them down awake, and I have only had to go in once to replace a binkie for Sophia! Other than that they are rested. Sabrina totally loved Tana... she just kept staring at her!!! And Sophia.... would not let Tana put her down. Thank you so much Tana. I hope you enjoyed my boys as much they enjoyed being with you!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hemangioma Update

Tyler took this pic:)

We took Sophia in to an emergency appt with a specialty dr because we were concerned that the hemangioma was causing her to choke 3 times within the last 24 hours. She is ok, and the dr says the tumor has enlarged. She will be getting steroid injections into the tumor on Sept 9th. This is considered surgery, because she will have to be sedated. We will have to be at hosp. a total of 4 hours. If this does not work the dr will remove the tumor. We will know a week after the injections if it did work. If it didn't work, we will quickly schedule surgery. It is growing toward her nose causing it to push on her airway and we do not want to be more problematic. We are hoping the shots will work and we will not need have it removed. I will keep you all posted. 

I am doing much better! A few friends are helping me out during Aaron's work week. The girls are not needing to be held so much... but they still are keeping me busy! The girls are also sleeping 6-8 hours at night!!! They really are doing well!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There are both sleeping. The boys are at the pool with Natividad. I am doing laundry, making bottles and preparing where we going to go OUT to eat again:) hhahaahaha... much better day today!!!  am over my pitty party and am ready for another evening. THANK YOU AARON FOR LETTING ME SLEEP!!! Thank you Mom for being a SUPER HERO!!! Thank you all who leave comments... I love knowing someone has read my work:)  TILL TOMORROW:)

Monday, August 25, 2008


They were happy looking at the tree:)
Playing dress-up:)!

What a day!

Cereal in the bottle warmer! THANK ALEX:)
Happy at last... for 10 min! Thanks Nonnie for the outfits!!!
Passed out in the middle of the living room floor.

The life with twins....

They both slept 7 hours through the night. I woke at 8 am after being up for 2 hours in the middle of the night from 3-5. The night could not have gone smoother. 

Then there was the day...

After each feeding Sabrina was awake for a time and then slept for 20 min and then was awake again. She never settled down until 8pm tonight!

Sophia puked her brains out even with the meds. As soon as I would get Sabrina settled Sophia would wake and visa versa. IT DID NOT END UNTIL TONIGHT AT 8 pm. Fun events that took place during...

I clipped Sabrina's finger nails and got some of her thumb... SO SAD!!! Then I tried taking them for walk since they were both awake at the same time... THEN IT RAINED AND I HAD TO WALK BACK HOME IN THE RAIN. Alex got himself on to the counter and put rice cereal in to the bottle warmer. Then the boys were playing out back in the MUD (don't want to talk about it) and while feeding Sophia, Alex came to the door 3 times needing his hands washed after falling into the mud. I got puked on by both girls having to change my shirt twice... still have not showered and I stunk!!! Then after propping the door open with the double stroller I went to move it out the of the way the bottom of the door cut the bottom of my foot 3 times in triangle shape wholes. Now I knew how Sabrina's finger felt. I tried to hold both and then Sophia puked AGAIN... I had to put them down and I laid then next to each other and they both stopped crying. IT IS A TWIN THING... but don't say awwww too fast. It only last about 10 min. BUT IT WAS THE SWEETEST 10 mins of the day!!! I had no time to prepare dinner so went out for fast food... the girls cried on and off most of the time. They screamed the entire way home... Aaron went to one side of the van and I to the other, upon arriving home... both girls had streams of tears running down their faces. Then once we got home... Aaron had to change his shirt twice and I had had to one more time as well, because of puke. You'd think we would better prepare ourselves... well we do. A bib, a wash cloth and a burp cloth... it still gets everywhere!!! One time I had to change my shirt, it was from Sabrina... that is rare!!! The boys took a bath after being muddy all day long. Sabrina fell asleep on the floor for about 20 min... There was a pile of laundry in the living room enough to fill one washer load... JUST FORM THE PUKE CLOTES AND BLANKETS FOR THE DAY AND THE MUD BATHS THE BOYS TOOK!!!! 

All the girls wanted was to be held... and I couldn't do it with both at once. SO HARD!!! I would not trade them for anything, but I hope tomorrow goes better!

P.S. Thanks Tanya for taking the boys for 4 hours. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Closing Ceremony 2008!!! This is a video!

Alex's closing ceremony 2008! 
He was watching floor ex. on TV and copying the gymnast Nastia winning GOLD!!!
I think Alex wins gold too!!!



What do you do when they both want to eat at the same time???


Some picture to compare.... who do you think they look like???

This is Alex at 2 months.
This is Tyler and Sarah Garfin-Luce at 2 months!


Sophia-girl big and strong!!! Her antacid meds are working great!!! She slept from 9:15-4:15 because she ate and kept her food down!!! SUCH GOOD NEWS!!!!
THANK YOU NATIVIDAD FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!! Yesterday was a rough day and you were here for me in so many ways. The girls thank you too!!! LUVS!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Girls

I laid each one down to sleep for the night.
Each one of them has put up such a fight.

I was feeling such great success,
looking back at the past four months and all the stress.

Each day was filled with unwanted strife.
But they have overcome the battle for life.

Both of my girls are thriving, despite their rough start.
Thank you all for playing your part.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Here are some pics from my phone!!!

Tyler climbing the rock wall at REI Downtown!!!! He has been waiting for his 5th birthday to do this, b/c you have to be 5!!! He did so good, and never wants to go again!!!
Sophia when she went back to NICU the 2nd time!!!
Sophia getting a hearing test. They create a noise in her ear and then pick up the brain waves... SO COOOL!!!
Sophia getting a CT!
Alex saying, "LOOK AT ME MOMMY!" when we were shopping at Target!!!

thank you for the roses


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun Day!

Judi spent the day with me and the girls!!! We had a tea party and dinner... SO FUN!!! 
This is the best feeling ever!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The Cole's

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nonnie's kisses!


More great pics!

They are growing so big!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

More fun with Nonnie and Papa!

Sabrina napping on the floor with all the noise about our home.
The each now have their own beds:) They were waking each other and wiggling too much!!
Sophia started out in the middle of the crib and this is where she ended up!
PAPA in love, Sophia giving the love back!!! She was smiling at him a few moments ago!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Keeping cool!

The girls like to stay cool. They get annoyed when its hot and just want to be in onsies all the time:)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Sophia sound asleep... IN THE SWING HURRAY!!! This is a FEAT!!!
She saw a special Dr today regarding her hemangioma, and says steroids are working. It is smaller and not in the way of anything else!!! PTL!!!
Papa and Sabrina!

It took my mom and I five hours to get them to sleep tonight!!! 
They were very awake the entire time.... but mostly fussy:)
 Sabrina 8.5 lbs and Sophia 8.6.5 lbs:)
Within the last week both have smiled intensionally:) Sophia at me, Sabrina at my mom!
Sophia's eye getting brown like Tyler's did... SABRINA'S ARE STAYING LIGHT... Steel blues like Daddy!!!

Alex was humming on Sabrina's head to settle her down. It worked for a little bit!
My two light haired babies! Both with reddish hair:)
Papa is now here for week. WHAT GREAT NEWS... but this also means the time is coming closer to when my mom leaves:(

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aunt Audra!

One of my girls who has been there for me from DAY 1!!! This is her first time holding Sophia:)!

Sophia's Recessed Middle Toes!

Aren't they cute?

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Eva Joy, Sophia Brooke and Sabrina Star!!
I love my girls!!!

The Cole's

How many Cole's can fit on one couch:)!
GREAT Grandparents!
Cousin Eva and Alex!!