Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter Season has begun!

So each one of my family members has a cold. For the boys they are conjested and coughing with some boogers. Same for the girls, but they are more tired and are now needing inhailers to help them... BUT NO HOSPITAL STAYS!!! The girls notice the inhailer helps so they do not mind it much. We still have to keep a close watch on them, as "Sabrina, can not be trusted!" -Dr. Lotig. This made me feel so good, because now I know my feelings are lined up with the Dr's feelings. Now, when I tell Sabrina, "You can't be trusted." She laughs and laughs. It's so cute! Sophia has an ear infection and a rough cough, but without her inhailer she was coughing every 10 second and I am NOT exaggerating. They are both much better today I am feeling good about this winter. I am still going to be cautious and careful... SMART... but I also know if they do end up being hospitalized God is still the boss. :)

The girls are now sharing a room again. they are so sweet. I had the beds a few feet apart until I saw Sophia trying to get into bed with Sabrina the other day. So now their beds are side by side and they can hold hands as they fall into their dreams.

Alex still loves PreK and all his time during the week playing and spending time with his friends. Tyler has a few birthday parties on the weekends and is an AMAZING big brother helping take care of the kidddos!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So I have been relying on FB and neglecting my blog... NO MORE!!!

There is nothing like being two and trying to escape bed and charge into sister's room to find Mom and Dad tucking in brother and totally getting caught. Miss Sophia turned off her fan, turned on her light and went running into sister's room hoping to wake her up for the party. To her dismay she turns around and sees us standing there BEWILDERED as to what she was up to. The fear on her face because she was caught was enough to keep Aaron and I giggling about it all night. She was all excited and then BAM her idea hit the wall and she knew she was not going to have a party. 

The girls have been doing so many big girl things lately. They both LOVE Dora and are now carrying around their own backpacks. They love to read books (talk about the pictures) and counting in Spanish and English (thanks to Dora). They are each adding words to their sentences, very close to speaking in complete sentences. They AMAZE us with all they are learning. They also amaze us with their personalities. Sophia loves to taunt her sister with a "you know what" kind of grin. Sabrina gets annoyed and wants things to made right and she will let us know until it is. On the other hand, Sophia is timid to try new things and Bina usually leads the two of them on their journeys. 

They are both potty training still, with accidents here and there but hopefully by 2011 NO MORE DIAPERS after 7 years!!! Sophia has all of her teeth and Sabrina is only missing her 4 iTeeth. :) hehe     
Sophia's hair is thickening and growing longer and Sabrina's is is growing and staying curly! Sophia is able to jump from high places onto two feet. She is a natural gymnast!!! She also loves other people to NO END and is still the first one to the door when saying hello and good bye. Bina is all about puzzles and Lego's. I believe she is going to be an architect, leading others into the future.

The boys are loving school. YES... ALEX IS IN PREK! He loves it and is proud he gets to do what Tyler does! They are both improving at Jui Jitzu and love love love Legos. They are anticipating this holiday season as they remember last year and know what it all means. The lists are being made!!!