Friday, November 12, 2010

Winter Season has begun!

So each one of my family members has a cold. For the boys they are conjested and coughing with some boogers. Same for the girls, but they are more tired and are now needing inhailers to help them... BUT NO HOSPITAL STAYS!!! The girls notice the inhailer helps so they do not mind it much. We still have to keep a close watch on them, as "Sabrina, can not be trusted!" -Dr. Lotig. This made me feel so good, because now I know my feelings are lined up with the Dr's feelings. Now, when I tell Sabrina, "You can't be trusted." She laughs and laughs. It's so cute! Sophia has an ear infection and a rough cough, but without her inhailer she was coughing every 10 second and I am NOT exaggerating. They are both much better today I am feeling good about this winter. I am still going to be cautious and careful... SMART... but I also know if they do end up being hospitalized God is still the boss. :)

The girls are now sharing a room again. they are so sweet. I had the beds a few feet apart until I saw Sophia trying to get into bed with Sabrina the other day. So now their beds are side by side and they can hold hands as they fall into their dreams.

Alex still loves PreK and all his time during the week playing and spending time with his friends. Tyler has a few birthday parties on the weekends and is an AMAZING big brother helping take care of the kidddos!


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Mrs. G said...

Did you ever imagine your life being so!! i love that your girls fall asleep holding hands....sweet!!!