Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beauty Queens

Sophia always wants her arm out!

Sophia our dark haired baby girl!

Sabrina our light hair baby-girl!

Sabrina sound alseep.

Monday, April 28, 2008

More pics!!!

I'm holding Daddy's thumb NAIL!!! I'm so tiny I wear Daddy's wedding band on my elbow!!!
Sabrina's Electrolite bag... $1000.00... they both get one a day!
Sabrina Star Cole!!!
Sophia Brooke Cole!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The results are in!!! The results are in!!!

Sabrina Star and Sophia Brooke were born at 7:57pm and 7:58pm, April 21st, 2008!!!! Both of my baby girls weighed in at 2 lbs and 3 oz. Sabrina is 14 3/4 inches and Sophia is 14 1/4 inches. They are both fighters and have overcome leaps and bounds since their delivery!
Sophia experienced some issues with her heart and lungs, the meds worked and all is progressing very well. We were not sure if the meds would work or if Sophia was going to make it past the first day. She has overcome and is now right up to par with her sister!!!
They are not out of the woods being that they were born at 27 3/7 weeks, but today they are 28 weeks gestation!!! They also had a test where the Drs looked at details in their brains. Many times at this age babies will have a bleed in their brain, and both girls look good!!!
Sabrina has a heart murmur, but after some tests the Dr has decided that they will wait to see if it heals on it own. If it does not, they will medicate. Worst case, she would need heart surgery. Because she is doing so well, this gives Doc the confidence that it will take care of itself. My girls are so strong!
After Aaron’s visit to see the girls this evening the nurse gave him some more great information! She said that girls might be going to the next NICU where babies go after they have progressed to a more stable situation. She said we should not be surprised if they make the change in the middle of the night and we arrive to visit and they are in a different place.
The nurse also mention that Sophia had a rough start, but since she has progressed so well, she may pass Sabrina’s progress because of her kick start!!!
Both are being tube fed and their tummies are handling it really well for their age.
We have been able to hold Sabrina and will hopefully be able to hold Sophia tomorrow!!! We have to be careful and cautious at each visit depending on the type of day they had. We get what we can and enjoy every second of it!

Photos below...

1. Daddy with Sabrina! His first time holding her!!!
2. Sabrina holding Daddy!!!!
3. Mommy holding Sabrina for 1st time today!!!
4. Sophia reaching for Mommy as Mommy began to pull away... She reached up and out about 90 degrees to let me know she didn't want me to leave yet! 5. Sophia fell back asleep after I rubbed her head for a few min. You can tell she is relaxing!!!
6. Sophia holding Daddy's hand!!! He admits already it is different because they are girls! He has a special instinct to protect them!!!!!!!! SO SWEET!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Praise Reports, Prayer Request and NAME CHANGE!!!

1. Well, a few nights ago I had an eventful evening that I and the Doctors all feel put a stop to many of the issues I have been having. It has been quiet since!!! So, each minute that goes by we are convinced that this is the case!!! PTL!!!!!!!!!

2. I am still finding so many ways God is orchestrating so many things together. My mother-in-law, Beth is taking care of my home and my boys, including her son Aaron. Need I say more... but add this... In Laos she was teaching a class this very semester on Early Childhood Development. Beth, a mother of four admits taking care of young children again is different, but it brings her such JOY. Because of her studies and teaching of the Early Childhood Development class she feels more prepared than ever taking care of her grandsons. She was teaching about table manners, potty training, maintaining a schedule and all the other SAME VERY THINGS SHE IS DOING WITH HER GRANDSONS!!! GOD KNOWS… and places each step together for a reason! I know she would have done just as good of a job even if she did not study and teach the class this last semester, but it made for a much smoother transition. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Can you hear the symphony???

3. I am measuring 35 weeks! I am still 27 weeks on April 18th, but because of babies’ positioning and two of everything I am the size of a woman with one baby at 35 weeks!

4. The girls have a BPP (Biophysical Profile Sonogram) two times a week. There last one, they both scored 8/8… 100%. One of the points is for breathing… even though their oxygen comes from the cords, they still do “practice” breathing. Both girls were “practice” breathing. It was soooo sweet. Nurse commented on how well they were “practice” breathing was for their gestational age. This made Mama-Bear so happy! They are also getting the hiccups all the time. This means that they are neurologically mature!!! PTL!!!!!!!!!!!

5. I used to shake at having to get blood drawn. SO SCARED… dizzy, sweaty and I’d make Aaron go with me. WELL!!! Now I am up to 22 pokes!!!! I still can’t watch, but it is ALMOST a piece of cake. After my glucose test tomorrow I will be at 25 pokes. Like earned stickers for toddlers… after 25 pokes I am getting a hair cut!!! My hair lady is coming to the hospital to fix me up!!! Now this is special treatment!!! 30 pokes… I get a massageJ!!! BRING THEM ON!!!!!!!!!!

6. Last but not least… PRAYER REQUESTS… but look above… 5 pieces of great news! With my water being broken we are making sure that I don’t get any infections. Taking loads of meds to keep those bad germs away!! Pray it stays that way. Girls are handling everything so well. It seems the past 2 weeks has not fazed them! Pray that stays the same! Placenta abruption needs to heal up!!! It is ok right now, but would be better if it re-seals!!! Last but not least, our next milestone is 28 weeks, April 25th, but still min to min, hour and hour, and day to day. God is taking care of it all!!!!!

P.S. NAME CHANGE!!!!! It may change again too… so we all won’t know till they are born and it is written on certificates. Here they are for today:
Sabrina Star (Tyler picked the middle name) & Sophia Brooke
Tyler has shown so much more interest than I would have thought! He talks about them often and was in tears one day at the hospital because the Sono Tech came late and he was not able to see them on the TV. HE GETS IT and LOVES BEING INVOLVED!!! It is sooooo darling! Because of this, Aaron and I decided that once they are born we are going to let the boys pick which baby gets which name. They will not be allowed to be in the NICU, so this allows them to be a part of it all! We will take a picture of each, write out the names and they will pick which baby gets what name!!!! SO EXCITING!

Love all the cards, e-mails and special treats. Thank you sooo much.

P.S.S. Please pray for my very good friend Betsy. She needs warriors fighting for her too! THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It is all for the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the latest update, from the horses mouth!!!!! I have Grade 1 Placenta Abruption.
Since Friday night I would call my Placenta Abruption a Grade a 1.5, because there is no distress to the babies, but I did go in to full-out labor. WHAT A DAY!!! They tried the initial drug terbutlaine, This worked the 3 previous times I began contracting, but those were smaller episodes. But because I was in full-out labor this time that drug of choice did not work. The next more aggressive step was Magnesium treatments, My reaction to this treat was so severe that IF this happens again they will start me on a lower does and maintain my dose very low as well. I AM NOT A WIMP, I AM SENSITIVE!!!! My body has always reacted to meds at much lower amounts. This makes for a cheap date since I only need 1/2 glass of wine and I am tipsy!!! But, they will still try the treb first, and if it doesn't work then Mag again!

Looking back at my entire pregnancy thus far, with these complications it all seems to make sense. I confirmed my ideas with the Doctor this morning and she said I can now go to medical school. My thought was... I DON'T NEED TO, IF I KNOW IT ALL ALREADY!!!! hahaha I have been having so much fun here with most of the nurses and all of the Doctors. At week 14 I went to ER for first time. That was when they said I had Marginal Previa. A clot irritated, confused and complicted the situation. This brought me back in to hospital at week 17 when I was put on bed rest for a few weeks. I had two GREAT WEEKS before the next disruption, which landed me here till the end.

This is what I am praying and believing for: NO MORE EPISODES, NO MORE LABOR until after 32 weeks, I rest enough that the Placenta Abruption heals and there are no issues. Doctors will not know for sure until the girls are born and they see the placenta to REALLY pinpoint everything. Because my placenta for Baby A is anterior, I must remain reclined or on my side. This is my own choice! No Doctor has told me I should or shouldn't do this. But most episodes follow a time when I have bending or folding too much. Typically this is not an issue with an abruption, but because mine is abrupted I feel I need to be overly cautious. Most of my episodes that started since week 14 were from this type of irritation. Because it is twins and I am fuller faster and it makes for a more complicated situation for God to show all His glory:) Due to the stress and multiple episodes, it caused Baby B's water to break broke This landed me in the hospital April 1st, and yes Aaron thought I was kidding. I had to tell him a few times I was not joking:) ! This added a whole other complication... again for God to show his glory, right??? Meaning God can use all things for good no matter how bad the out come!!!

I also pray I can deliver without a C-section. I will not be disappointed and have proven that I will do anything for these girls, but it is just my special request to God NOT TO HAVE A SECTION!!!

This situation is sooo unique. Doctors don't know why Baby B's water broke and not Baby A. I think Baby B knew she needed to take care of her sister....because I was in the hospital when the more major episodes started, they were able to get to me in minutes!!! This would not have happened unless Baby B's water broke!!! Baby A, on the other hand, has been taking care of her sister too. It was explain to me that when membranes are ruptured in a single pregnancy the uterus shrinks down a tad making it a little harder for the baby to replace its own fluids. But with twins, because Baby A is in there too, it is keeping the uterus larger and Baby B has been able to maintain her fluids, allowing them to be back to where they should be. DO YOU HAVE GOOSE BUMPS YET??? The girls are not even born yet and they are already taking care of each other!!! Through all of this, each nurse and Doctor is telling me how much of an advantage we have because they are both girls. Statistically, girls are just stronger and can handle all this stuff much better than boys. IT IS SCIENTIFIC!!!!!

So, here I sit, letting my girls cook:) while I get waited on hand and foot. I just found out my monitoring will decrease from 3 times a day for one hour to 2 times a day for 20 min!!!! This makes me believe the Doctors even more, when they say they feel the Mag treatment worked!!!!! We are not out of the clouds but we are seeing the sun!!! WE LIVE IN PORTLAND RIGHT:)!!! hahahaha

I will keep posting on this blog, so I don 't have to repeat my story to anyone that has heard it already:)!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

LOOK AT US!!!!!!!!!!

26 weeks TOMORROW!!!!!!

WHAT A RIDE! This past week has been full of ups and downs. Today, day 25.6, I had a small situation that we all think might be the cure for most of what has been happening!!! We won't know for a few more hours... but it seems that all this disruption was a blood clot, no previa!!! Sonograms don't pick THAT much detail. So...right now I am one mm away from not needing a c-section!!!! All the cramping and contractions may stop!
I will remain in the hospital due to Baby B's ruptured membrane.
Through all these little blips, both of the girls are not stressed at all!!!

The boys are having a blast with Daddy and Grandma. Even getting their haircut was an advenure!!!!

Thank you for all of your prayers!!!!!!!!!! It ain't over yet, but it was a good day:)!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Hello to you all! Here is an update:

Back when I first became pregnant I was so very sick. I would lie in bed and pray... PLEASE STOP THIS SICKNESS. I clearly heard God say, "I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!" Clear as day I heard His voice. Each step of this long journey He has proven to be there each step of the way. I feel more complete and fulfilled in my 30's, my marriage has been strengthened more than ever and I have never had more peace in my life. Even though the list below is long and a little complicated I am doing really well. Your thoughts are prayers are working!!!! Keep them coming!

Here is the newest news…


25 weeks pregnant w/ two girls

Baby B’s water broke April 1st which brought me to Providence St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Here I will stay until they are born. I am being waited on hand and foot, as if I was staying at an all inclusive resort. I MEAN IT!!! The Drs and nurses here are specialized and amazing with my high risk scenario.

Baby A has complete placenta previa. This means I will have a C-section no matter what.

My mother in law is here taking care of Aaron and my boys. THANK YOU STEVE AND BETH!!!

My friends have been taking care of so many things for me… I AM SO GREATFUL! I could not rest as well as I am without them doing all they have for me!!!

The babies are already in the safe zone, but every second, minute, hour, day, week and so on that they stay with me the better their chances. I know no matter what happens God will take care of me and them.

I had contractions once, but meds were able to stop them from continuing. This doesn’t often work and it did! I have had a few other scares, but all is calm and quiet.

They are weighing in a little over 1.5 lbs and are showing NO SIGNS OF DISTRESS, so Drs are hopeful I will be here through to May. No matter when they are born they will be in the hospital till then end of June.

I will keep you posted!!!