Friday, July 30, 2010

Catch up... AGAIN!

MY MAN!!!!
Singing together!
He wanted to make a sign so the whole town could see!

Pretty in pink. Since Olga has visited we are teaching the girls to say I'm two... especially after they say no. So soon, they will say NO IM TWO! It is darling! Sofi's eye teeth on the top have come in. She is a shoe size bigger than sister and gives real big hugs!
Nina has all the hair (Sofi's is getting thicker) and has been waiting a few months for her last two moles to break through. Her gums have been black n blue and swollen. Hopefully soon they will break through.
Olga with my kiddos!
Bina is getting an EEG in this pic. They are checking to make sure her reactions to dehydration weren't more than heat stroke. They found nothing else.... PTL!
I LOVE YELLOW! The girls were singing HAPPY HAPPY TO YOU and the flowers were candles!
Grandma in yellow too!!!! We didn't even plan this.
Alex wanted to see if the statue was hot... His first touch was NE a tad. My phone didn't take the pic in time! I still giggle...
A night with just mom!
And the Young's to the Robin Hood Festival! They were happy they didn't have to share their sisters with Mama. They have sacrificed a ton... and deserve this... ;)

More of Tyler's B-day

I made a special cake for Tyler and there was some cake batter left over so I made a small cake to make sure we had enough. I hid the special cake and left out the small left over cake. He thought this was his cake... and then I had a great idea. His attitude was disappointed but he was ok about this little simple cake. So I decided to roll with it. We sang Happy Birthday with the small cake and then again with the real cake's entrance thereafter. Alex knew about the cake and kept the secret... you can see him looking for Tyler's reaction. And Sofi's joy celebrating with her brother is darling!!! This is Tyler's reaction!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More summer fun stuff!

Sabrina had to join in after she saw how much attention Sophia got!!!


Sandy River w TJ
The boys wanted to feel a brain freeze!
Sandbox w Colby
Ty's Bday cake!
Picnic with T's family!
Yum Yum
The girls stayed up and the boys crashed!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Daybreak Park - No humidity!

Playing w their new buddy!
Walking in the water
There is nothing like family time!

Time with just Ty!

Lunch at the Olive Garden
Smiles with dessert
Journal work at SBux

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time!!! 23 pics total!

Our lean to, sandbox and clubhouse!
Eating outside!

Sabrina is in HEAVEN... Binkies galore at Colby's!
Picnic w/ buddies!
Checking out the chickens!
Sisters... cuties!
Riding bikes.
Pool fun!
Walking w/ sis!
Ice cream TRUCK!!!!!
Summer reading.
Summer reading x2!
First toe nail painting!
Close to the train!

Playing at the playground!
Hanging out with Heather!
Heather getting ready for Alaska!
Harmonicas... they love them.
Playing w/ buddies!
Now in the sand.
One potato two potato...
Bina and Daddy