Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time!!! 23 pics total!

Our lean to, sandbox and clubhouse!
Eating outside!

Sabrina is in HEAVEN... Binkies galore at Colby's!
Picnic w/ buddies!
Checking out the chickens!
Sisters... cuties!
Riding bikes.
Pool fun!
Walking w/ sis!
Ice cream TRUCK!!!!!
Summer reading.
Summer reading x2!
First toe nail painting!
Close to the train!

Playing at the playground!
Hanging out with Heather!
Heather getting ready for Alaska!
Harmonicas... they love them.
Playing w/ buddies!
Now in the sand.
One potato two potato...
Bina and Daddy

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Mrs. G said...

LOVE the are so much fun!!