Sunday, September 28, 2008

What great fun!

These are the girls' first bows:)!! They are stuck on with Pecan Maple Syrup!

I am so glad my brother is here! It is so nice having someone around all the time. I hope he stays for a long long long time!!! The girls love him and I love how he is with the girls. He is so calm and gentle. I have not seen a man more gentle with babies than him and my oldest brother Tony. GREAT DAD and DAD TO BE in the distant future. Josh is a great catch for anyone!!!


Shannon said...

Haha, I SO LOVE that you stuck their bows on with syrup!! And I am so glad Josh is there for you and spending time with the girls. I miss you tons though, I hope I get to see you and your lovely face soon!!

jacqueline said...

Syrup?!?! LOL!! How funny!