Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last night Aaron was giving the kids a bath... GO AARON! I was cleaning the kitchen and joined him once I was done. At that point Sophia was ready to get out. He brought her to me all bundled up in the toweling as she said, "BABY!" Whenever I wrap them so, I love on them and call them BABY like they are infants again! :) Very sweet how they soak it up!

Well, it was time to get her dressed. She laying on our bed and I pulled her by her hand to help her sit up and she playfully became dead weight.... this caused her wrist to pop and right away she started whimpering. I prayed that she would be ok, but I knew something else had to be done. I was not sure if it was her elbow or her wrist. It was her wrist. I could hold her wrist in place and move her elbow fine. When I let go of her wrist, her hand flopped and she whimpered again!!! As she sat in my lap, obviously in pain, I called our neighbor who was a nurse and she said take her in right away. So I called Natividad to see if she could come so Aaron wouldn't have to miss work and she had a final... so, Aaron would just have to go in later. I then began to call the Dr.

At this time I felt her wrist pop!!!

RIGHT AWAY.... Sophia raised her arms in the air and said, "TANK OO DESUS!" (Translation: Thank You Jesus) began clapping and playing as if NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Sophia was healed!!!

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