Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Journal entry!

Here are just a few things that I wanted to share from our family to yours. 

Tyler has turned into such a great young man. One morning the upstairs was cold b/c we had windows open with the fans blowing. He wanted all of  us to be able to go upstairs but we were to cold. He stood on the stairs and said, "I will go turnoff the fans and closes the windows. And in ...mmmmm.... (he thought for a few secs) 20 minutes we can go upstairs." Then he realized his fan was a little to high for him to reach it to turn it off. So thinking out loud, he said, "I will take it down and then turn it off." WHAT A BIG BOY!!! On his way down he said, "ALEX, I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU. CLOSE YOUR EYES." He had found a toy Alex was looking for. He made Alex close his eyes, brought out the toy and then had Alex open his eyes. He then said, "I found it for you in your bedroom. Did you sleep with it?" He said in a parenting voice, showing me my work is paying off. He is being so sweet to his brother, let alone his baby sisters!  He also got excited the other day when he was bale to reach the remote on top of the fireplace. He grew an inch in the las month!!!! A few months ago we told us that when he wakes up on his 6th birthday eh will be tall. Rather than a disappointing day, we have been measuring him once a month. He is seeing that we grow little by little! Now, we look forward to being able to say I AM 6!!! What a smart smart boy!

Alex is a hoot! He is so much fun all the time. The other day he asked my for wipes. When I walked in, he said, "WAIT! There is more poop." I could not help but crack up! He loves to crawl around chasing the girls or letting the girls chase him. He is very emotional. I used to get frustrated thinking he was a baby... but he is not whining. He is emotional and shows us his heart all the time. If we hear him out and he is able to express what he is feeling he is fine. Now, when he is tired or being naughty, that is different. I know can see the difference. He is hardly naughty!!! I am hardly frustrated. At this age with Tyler, there was a shift too. Also, this might be a repeat story, Alex was playing with a bug. He wanted to stop on it and I said, NO. he looked at me with a tilt of his head and said, "MOM, Just go inside." I had to anyways, and when I returned. YOU GUESSED IT! Bye bye bug! He gets this from his father!!! Such a sweet sweet boy!

Sabrina Star has chameleon eyes. They change from gray, to blue, to green! It all depends on what she is wearing or the amount of light there is, sun or artificial light. She has a few new faces. One is where she bights down,  shows her gums, closes her eyes and shakes like she is excited! SO CUTE! She also scrunches her nose to be cute and sweet. If she is embarrassed or  being shy, she looks down closes her eyes, keeps her head down and looks up at you. Her face is like, ARE YOU STILL THERE??? The last few days she has also snuggled so much more and standing on her own ALOT. I always wanted a light-eyed baby! Prayer answered! She is a very loving Princess! 

Sophia Brooke has so many hugs to give away. The other day when Sabrina was sick and in my arms, Sophia came over and hugged both of us, like a big group hug. It was sooo darling! She is standing on her own many times a day. She does patty cake along with sister, but her claps are always done over her head. When playing music in the kitchen she does her BEAR CRAWL to the middle of the floor, sits and claps to the music. Her face is healing well. I also always wanted a girl to look like me... GOT IT! Another answered prayer. She is a joyful compassionate girl!

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