Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sophia's step...

Not only can Sofi walk, stick out her tongue on command, crawl backwards, say Papa and wave bye-bye while saying ba-ba...
A few days ago she began through temper tantrums where she rollers to her belly and gets really mad!!! She was over tired tonight. She did not want her jammies! As I was getting her dressed (which she did not want to do) she began to throw her temper tantrum, turned her face SUPER RED, held her breath and passed out for 3 secs. I put her on my lap and I yelled her name and smacked her chest to startler her. She woke up and was very clingy to me. I also noticed she was sweaty. After a few more minutes she was back to herself. I then called an advice nurse. After he asked all the right questions he said, "Well, I guess you should not make Sophia mad!" We both had a good laugh! He then said, "all this at 14 months, imgaine her at 14 years!" LIKE I NEED A REMINDER ;)!
I keeping checking on her and she is doing great and sleeping comfortably! They just so happen to have an appointment tomorrow and I will be sure to talk with Dr about this too!
Well, enjoy some of her first steps!!!

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