Saturday, October 11, 2008


The last two nights Josh got up with the girls, to give their binkies and feed Sophia. She has been waking a few times a night. Tonight we are going to try and nip it in the bud! I will keep you posted. BUT... b/c Josh has done what he has done the last two nights, I have caught up on all my house work. I AM AHEAD OF THE GAME! IT FEELS SO GOOD! The girls are happy and balanced and have been for over a week. They are able to play on their own and just enjoy their family around them! I am finally confident that I can handle this! Once he leaves... I know I will be ok! It will be great to have help here and there... but not like it used to be! Sophia has another Dr appt with the plastic surgeon and I think we are going to have it removed. It has gotten a tad larger in one area. But I have to talk this over more with Aaron. Sophia nurses most of the time, and the Dr wants her to get 22 calorie bottles when she does get a bottle. Sabrina (bottle feeding most of the time) is doing great and not needing anything special. BUT ANYWAYS... things are going so well and I am so thrilled that my brother is here! I do not want him to leave!!!
Thank you Josh... I love you!

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