Tuesday, March 17, 2009

:( POOR BABIES!!! :(

Sofi is handling the fever much better than Bina. Her disposition is more joyful, but Bina is much more independent. Well, besides when she is sick then she is quite demanding!!! Sofi is here snuggling with her blanket, her thumb and Daddy-Man! Below is a pic of Bina with all her red spots!!! If you click on the pic it will show you a larger pic! She is happier now that the fever is gone! I just can't spend time with one in the same room as the other without there being jealousy!!!


Betsy said...

I just can't handle how beautiful these babies are! They don't have the funny 'preemie' look to them at all and get more and more beautiful as they get older. Knock outs!! Love those babies!!

Corrie said...

Wow. How they have grown. Your parents where in town this weekend and I missed the photos albums your mom brought, but my mom reminded me to check out your site. The WHOLE family is beautiful.
Corrie (Coniguliaro) Anderson