Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More pics and a few stories!!!

Before I describe the pictures I have to tell this story. I think this is the funniest story of our trip so far. I was hanging out one night at my crazy Aunt Nancy's house. She is loud, she is fun and many say we are two peas in a pod. At one point during our visit her daughter was looking at me oddly, and with totally seriousness she asks.... "ARE YOU LIKE THIS IN PUBLIC?" I laughed historically. She also asked me if I am always this happy? And do I laugh this much? I take all the questions as compliments. But a tad shocked since her mother is WAY CRAZIER THAN I!!!!
This is apic of our kids in the van traveling from Aunt Nancy's to Nonnie's. Everyone was just chillin'!!!
Traveling in the van through New York City!
Time Sqaure... The location of Aaron's and my first kiss!!!
Mama Olga and the girls. David, her son is hiding in the back ground.
Olga playing with Bina. We were out in the fall sun. It was a beautiful day!!!
Hanging out with Nonnie!
Me and my brother Josh!
This is a pic of the girls with one of my college professors. She is a great teacher.... she gets right down with the girls. It was a great visit!!! I also visited my college and took my family through the building where I took most of my classes. It brought me back... and it was soooo fun!!!
Here are my kiddos on the my stairs where I walked up and down for 3 years at SUNY Cortland!!!! It meant so much to me have them there.

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