Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting bigger

The girls are doing so many fun things that are particular to toddler years. They are hugging and loving on each other like only twins can do. They are also fighting more than ever. The other day Sofi tried to steal a toy from Bina. I gave her a choice... give it back or go to bed. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED... Bina gave Sofi the toy so Sofi would not have to make the choice!!! And... I have always thought Bina was more shy of the two... but the other day at the store she was waving and saying HI to each person that walked by our cart!!! I could not believe it but enjoyed every second. Even though Sofi is tough bully who steals toys from everyone... if you are crying she is the first one to sit next to you and rub your head to bring you comfort! These girls are gems... one of a kind gems. I adore them!!!