Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Stuff!

Everyone is getting big! Sabrina now has two bottom teeth! One popped out around the new year and today she fell with a chair and the 2nd one broke through! And Sophia has a molar. She also has three other areas that are swollen, new ones to come!!! Sabrina loves to talk (babble) and have a whole conversation. It is so darling! So also moved a booster chair to the frig, brought a cup and tried to reach the water dispenser! She is thinking... we have to watch her more carefully now. Sofi is so compassionate. Alex fell one day and she cried with him and rubbed his back. So darling!

Tyler started school and Alex is picking up Pre-School at home again. Now that Ty is gone, after a few tears, Alex is acting like a very big boy. He is taking responsibility as an oldest sibling would. We are so proud of each of their progress! Motherhood is getting more and more fun!

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