Friday, May 28, 2010

No longer surviving... We are thriving!

The girls are doing so many wonderful twin things. They are going off to play on their own upstairs! Giggling and laughing with delight. Although last time... it was because they took out all the clothes in their dresser!!!!! I actually knew what they were doing and let them have their fun. Then, I went upstairs all surprised and had them help me put the clothes back and talked about this is not ok!!! The next day I thought I heard the same thing but they were playing hide and seek in the closet!!! SO CUTE! Another time they were giggling upstairs and they were both in Sophia's crib tickling each other!!!! SO MUCH FUN! Not only do I see the light at the end of the tunnel... but we are dancing in the light. They have their own language and talk all the time. I will try to get this on video, but when they see the camera they stop! I will try!!!! They love playing with the boys, sitting with the boys to watch TV/movie. They love tea parties and playing ring around the rosies! It is so darling to watch them in action! I love my girly girls!!!
P.S. Sabrina has her 8th tooth! Sofi has all she should but her eye teeth!

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