Saturday, December 20, 2008

Closing thoughts...

I just finished cleaning up my new kitchen and I realized how happy I am in this new place. It is truly wonderful. Not just that, but no more bad memories from that apartment. Do not get me wrong, we loved the place it was great, but so many bad things happened there. The sickness in the beginning of the pregnancy... my water breaking... Sabrina almost died in my arms after she got sick... Many hard times that I do not even want to list. There were many more fond memories!!! I won't share all of those either... but several birthday parties, family coming to visit, Josh staying for 2 months, my mom coming for 2.5 months, times out by the pool, MY WONDERFUL NEIGHBORS!!!! 
I just feel like I am in a new a glorious chapter of life... just as I am about to turn 32!!!! WOW!!!! Stay safe in the snow!!! 

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Kori and Brad said...

I didn't know that you guys were planning on moving?!? So where are you now?