Saturday, December 6, 2008

Over grown!

We have grown out of our apartment and are looking for a house. We found one that is 2100 square feet. We are just waiting for the Renters to pick us!!! Please pray we get it, we both love it! Ty wants to move all things in already! Alex loves what would be their HUGE ROOM! We will know in the middle of the week and be moved by Jan 6th:)!!! We are all very excited if it does work out! 

Sophia is doing really well. She spits up some but not as much. She eats solid here and there, but would rather nurse or get a bottle. She can handle formula that is not soy now!!!! This means she does not have milk allergy!!! Sabrina is enjoying her yogurt and fruits and veggies. She loves her solids. They both love to grab at things we are eating too! I think they will be sitting up on their in the next month or so! They don't seem to be preemie anymore, besides their size. They don't have any issues!!!!! What a great feeling!!!!!!

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Grandma said...

Sophia's cheek looks like it is healing up really well :>)