Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Neighborhood Rocks!

The four kids and I went on a walk this morning. I had no idea what the neighborhood was like. We were in for two wonderful surprises. At the end of the block there is a small farm with two horse. Tyler went up to the fence and a colt came running right over to him. He was so excited. Alex stay close to me... too afraid! The girls were bundled up and warm in the stroller. We continued on our walk and to our surprise once again we saw a great playground. It is perfect for my boys' ages. We can walk all the way around the block... or two houses down there is a small special sidewalk that leads right to the playground two house back. We were all so excited. Although it did not rain until we were just about home, it was raining earlier. The boys did not mind going down the slides:), they road home with went hiney butts on the stroller. ALL 4 kids... girls in regular seats... Ty on top of the handle and Alex sitting between the two girls! It was much fun! 

OH YEAH... Sophia is now eating solid foods wonderfully. Sabrina will not take a bottle from anyone but me. She will miss an entire feeding if I am not home. NOW.. I don't do that often, but she is soooo stubborn! But, she does eat green beans and peas!!!! Sophia too! They are excellent eaters. Sophia is now making the same fun noises Bina has been making... da da baba with the tongue in there too.. And Bina is making Sophia's noise like a Shhhh in the back of their throats. Sophia has rolled back to tummy, but I have yet to see. She was hanging out with Natividad and Pilar when she did it :) They both adore Aaron, but of course prefer me:) Sophia will actually go to anyone. Well, off to cook a tarragon/oregeno chicken dinner with yukon pots and carrots. Have a great day!

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jacqueline said...

What's tarragon oregeno chicken and yukon pots?