Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They really are best friends...

As I write to you the girls are both on the floor playing with a package of crinkly baby wipes.  They love each other's company. They have begun to grab at each other's faces and it does hurt them, but they love to be close. A few days ago I was having a rough day and as soon as I put both of them on the floor they stopped fussing and played together for almost a half an hour! This is what they are doing again now! Bina is make some new noise... like da da bla bla while her tongue sticks out. Sophia has always made a shhhh sound with the back of her tongue. They smile at each other, talk and play so nicely! Sophia is almost rolling to her tummy and just last night Bina started pulling herself forward like an army crawl!!!!! SOOO CUTE! Ok... Bina has to go take a nap and she is letting us know it! 

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