Sunday, September 20, 2009

More than a little behind...

Since the last time I have written Sophia has her 5th tooth and we are still awaiting Bina's first. She has been pretty fussy today, which is unlike her. There is some redness in her gums so we are thinking it is teeth!!! Last week some time Bina also ate a poisons berry .. POKEWEED! I called 911 who connected me with Poison Control. We had a bush out in front that we thought was pretty landscaping... NOPE A WEED!!! Carolyn told us it was a weed and we didn't care b/c it looked nice. THEN WE CUT IT ALL OUT! Humans would have to eat over 20 berries in order for it to be toxic. Away it went anyhow!!! We still kept our eye on her and she was just fine. I am impressed with poison control. The called me 2 hours after to make sure she was ok. What a great resource. Both are playing so well with their brothers and each other. Occasionally they get mad at each other and whack each other on the head. It is usually Bina whacking Sofi b/c Sofi is stealing from Bina. We call he Swiper. Then there are time they both want one chair and then they both whack at each other at the same time!!! Kinda funny!!! Bina is still Miss Independent and Sofi is even more Drama Queen!!! They are also beginning to say some more words. They actually know what they are saying!!! See if you can translate.


They are also signing: please, more, Love you, eat and all done on a regular basis. I LOVE WHEN CAN COMMUNICATE!!! Adds a new element of joy. Tah tah for now!!!!

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John said...

I have had to call poison control before and they we reassuring and very helpful!!!
The girls are growing up so fast. It's hard to believe they were infants at one time!!