Sunday, September 6, 2009

What are you looking at???

This is Sofi eating a PB&J with Aunt Audra. On this day, I was not feeling well and the girls were on opposite sleep schedules. So that I could rest, Audra took Sofi out for the afternoon. They went to her house and a fish store! I put her down to nap afterward and she rested her head on her pillow looking up at me saying, "MOM THAT WAS SO FUN!". Usually she is standing in her bed as I walk out. Not that day. Well, I thought for sure that she would sleep well, but NOPE... sister wasn't in there so she did not sleep at all. If it were Bina... NO PROBLEM! But Sofi loves having people around always. This is why her special time with Aunt Audra and Uncle David was so special!

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