Monday, November 2, 2009

More joys of twins!

Now, most often than not, the girls are playing in their cribs before each nap time and bedtime. They giggle and play and then fall asleep. It is so fun to hear them play... but I am not sure yet what makes them giggle. When I go in their room they stop... and their blankets and pillows are on the floor. So, the only thing I can think is that they laugh at each other throwing their pillows and blankets overboard!

The girls are also sharing their food. Bina like to eat the meat and Sofi likes to eat the carbs. They both love green veggies and fruits. These... they fight over :). Speaking of fighting.. the girls are doing this much more often. I feel like a referee. So now, I let them go at it. I look to make sure they are not hurt... and then I look away. At that point they don't know what to do... so one ends of relenting. They work it out on their own. I am finding this tactic to be much more successful.

The other interesting thing they have been doing lately is this... eg... Sofi touches the TV and gets told no. As she is being told no Bina heads over to the TV to test the waters... Looks at me asking with her eyes... "Can I touch the TV?" And this happens both ways. When Bina is being told no Sofi heads over and makes sure she can not either. DOUBLE TROUBLE! I GET IT NOW!!!

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