Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New everyday...

My cozy tub!
Amazing hallway with my Grandmother's sewing machine.
Kids bathroom
Sofi's room :)
Bina's room
Formal Living
Kitchen and breakfast nook from family room.
Sofi helping me clean, as ALWAYS!!!
Close up of sewing machine!
Boys' room

Update on girls: The girls have been doing so many different things. When you ask Bina is she is poopy, she grunts :) even if she is not poopy. She also ran to her sister's room today after waking from a nap to see her as soon as possible. She has so much personality! Sofi did a summersault all by herself!!!! I will take a video tomorrow so you can all see! Sofi is also repeating almost any word we ask. They are both growing and learning sooo much! It is such a joy!

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