Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is all mostly for my records, but you might enjoy!!

Today I received the hospital bills for Sabrina's 3 days at Doernbechers and one day at the ER!

Doernbechers for 3 days: $4,052.14

Doenbechers ER for 1 day: $3,262.38

Working for the City: VERY difficult and life threatening at times.

Benefits: Cost for us $75.00 for ambulance ride... but she did get a bear for herself and sister :)

Totals: WOW

10 hospital stays (totaling just over 5 months)
ER for me at 17 weeks and 3 days on bed rest, ER when water broke which landed me on bed rest again (3.5 weeks), each girl until they were term (2 months), Sofi sick at term (1.5 weeks), Bina sick at term (3 days), Sofi's injections (1 day), Sofi's surgery (2 days), Bina sick recently (3 days) and Bina ER (1 day).

4 ER trips
Twice for me with issues, Bina sick at term and most recent issue still not resolved.

4 ambulance rides (two of which were code 3 = lights and sirens)
Sofi from Drs at term b/c her O2 was VERY low, code 3. Bina from home at term, code 3, she was not breathing. Bina from Drs b/c O2 was low. And Bina from home, cause still unknown.

2 surgeries
Out patient for steroid injections, for Sofi and later with a hemangioma extraction.

Total bills just about $1,000,000.00 since becoming pregnant with the girls!!!!

Our total cost: $320 for 2 ambulance rides from the Drs at $10 each and two from home at $75 and two ER admissions for me, $75 each. Everything else fell under and was covered by the $320!!!

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