Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It is done...

With much help from Aaron and my friends that rough week is now complete! It was a product of the flu and sleepiness. Sabrina is still a Mama's girl which makes things a tad complicated, but I find if I fill her with lots of food she is happier! They do play on their own without me around... Sabrina just lets the world know when I leave the room. As they were playing this morning I watched Bina as I cleaned the kitchen and she looks back occasionally to make sure  I am still there. I have heard she will grow out of this by 1 year. Only 6 more months to go:) Hahahahaha!!! Sophia does the same but not to the same magnitude. She is a bully taking toys away from Bina all the time. Actually, Bina is a bully too... just depends on who decides to do it first! It is funny to watch! They are both well loved and happy babies. The boys are doing better too! Their health is back and the weather is getting nicer which will allow us to play outside much more! I can not wait for day light savings in March!!! Thank you to all my buddies who have helped. Tana... I look forward to our Thursday!!! Blessings to all!

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