Friday, February 6, 2009


As of Wednesday the girls weights are... 
Sophia: 13lbs 9.8oz and Sabrina 14lbs 4.5 oz! 
Sophia is def. catching up! 
They are both making raspberries. Bina is saying A- dun, Ba-ba, Da-da, Pa-pa, Tah and H-ot!
She doesn't know what she is saying for sure but she is getting the hang of it!
A-dun is All Done. She does say this when she is done with a bottle.
Last night she said Ba-ba after seeing her bottle.
And I started teaching her Pa-pa when she hears my dad's voice on the phone. Same with Da-da for Aaron. We started to hear some Ma-ma but not quite yet. 
Sophia talks and makes noises, but not as clear as Bina. This is the only area where they are different. Other than that they are doing all the same things... as if they were 31 weeks=almost 8 months. They are acting their corrected ages... which means they are acting 2-3 month ahead!!!!! COOL HUH???

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Knight's said...

That is so exciting that they are that big and also catching up to each other!