Saturday, August 1, 2009

I wasn't kidding when I said catch up...

TRAVEL BLANKIE! FINALLY! My sis made 3 small travel blankets. When I showed Sofi two she grabbed them then walked to the third one (made her work for it) and went to a hiding place to look and hold all three. She didn't realize she left one behind, but one had a different color green than she is used to... and she looked at that one funny but still loved them all. Thumb in mouth, pure joy, pure relaxation!!!
Before travel blankie... sticker tongue out at Aunt Erinn!
This means.... Where is my binkie... the noise with it... uggghhhughhhh!
Sofi's cutie toes!
Beach babe!
Yet another!

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Kori and Brad said...

They are getting so big! Adorable!