Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I love watching all the ways my girls are the same (none) and all the ways my girls are different (endless). Even with all of their differences the girls adore each other and their world around them. They are now 16 months old, 13 months adjusted and I am so thankful to say I only have to clarify for about 2 more months. I watch the girls play with each other trying to find likenesses. And truly the only one I can find is that they are sisters. Sofi has wavy hair, Bina's curly. Bina's ears are loped and Sofi's are attached. Sofi has Aaron's pink skin and Bina, my darker skin. Bina's eyes are hazel (thanks to Nonnie and Grandma and Grandpa) and Sofi's eyes are brown. Their hair colors are so different but both do have blonde highlights. Bina loves to discover, explore and play cars with brothers, sound effects and all. Sofi, sits on my lap, scoots her bum forward and reclines on my lap or by my side to snuggle and watch everyone play. She does take part half of the time and squeels with excitment. Bina loves when Daddy throws her into the air, Sofi laughs and smiles because she is with Daddy, but would much rather snuggle. Bina eats with little mess and Sofi... well, get out the hose. As of now Sofi is using her right and left hand the same (maybe we will have one south paw like Daddy, the in-laws and cousin Adam (did I leave anyone out?)) and Bina prefers her right. Sofi is rounder Bina is taller. Sofi has a special middle toe on each foot, Bina does not. Their faces are shaped totally different, as well as their nose and their body frame. Bina STILL no teeth, Sofi has four!!! Sofi loves her blankey and Bina loves her binkie. Bina loves to chase and play with bugs, Sofi plays with flowers. Besides her skin tone Bina looks just like Daddy, as does Sofi like Mommy! What a great pair!!!

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