Sunday, August 30, 2009

Me and my girls!

Me and my girls had the day to ourselves. The boys have been with Grandma and Grandpa since yesterday. The girls and I went house hunting. They each took turns resting. We came home twice and went driving around 3 times. I have a list of 6 houses! SO EXCITING!

Sofi sleeping!
Bina smiling behind her binkie... Sometimes she sings too! Lalalalala.... so cute!

Between house hunting the girls and I had our first girls night out at the Olive Garden. YUM! They had soup and bread sticks and LOVED IT!!! They also shared some of my endless pasta bowl and salad!
We got tons of attention and I was called super mom a few times. I need to get a t-shirt made... SUPER MOM!!! Most are impressed by how I carry them. I will post a pick soon. Others are impressed with how well they are behaved! They were great!! Maybe we should make this a weekly event :)especially b/c we know most of the managers and always get something for free!!! :) When we are there... it's like family!

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