Friday, March 12, 2010


Bina being rocked to sleep... SO RARE!!!!
Look at all the hair!!!
Sofi not liking Bina getting any attention... Daily!!!
What she is really saying is" WHERE IS ALL MY HAIR!?!?!?!
This week included:

One small melt down, 1 migraine, 4 with coughs, 2 with fevers, 3 with green boogers, one jealous of fevered ones attention (twins, oi!) ;), one puke pile looking like egg whites, one falling asleep at the top of the stairs, one not eating or drinking, 1 w/ pink eye AGAIN and 3 teeth breaking thru!!!!!!! Also, Aaron worked 10 pm to 5 pm the next day! Single Mothers... I have a new respect!!!

Video of me rocking Nina who has a fever and one tooth cutting thru, kicking sister away. Sofi's jealous with a cough and 2 teeth breaking thru. Alex fell up the stairs and Sofi' adorable head nod and darling shoulder shrugs!!!!

Cheetos make everything better!!!

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