Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a week!

Poor baby girl Sabrina had the same cold as Sophia but it hit Sabrina harder. Come to find out it was either pneumonia or bronchiolitis. This is a role reversal because Sophia is usually the one who gets sicker, because she had a more difficult start to life! I also learned that the girls are fragile until they are about 5 or 6 years old. I had to learn this lesson the hard way :(

Here she is at the Dr's office awaiting the ambulance. Her oxygen saturation was 85!!! She is getting a neb treatment which did not help. Soonthereafter they gave her O2.
EMT's were great, and cute according to Tichu! He tried her off the O2 and dropped form 100 to 85 in seconds. He said that was IMPRESSIVE, but not in a good way!
THANK YOU TICHU for helping! I gave the EMT's the blog so they will now know you think they are cute! ;)

At OHSU there is always two of everyone because it is a teaching school. She was contagious so everyone had to wear yellow stuff. Anytime someone in yellow walked in she was sad. She knew they were going to do something to her. Even when they brought her meals she did not want to eat them. Most of the nurses and Drs went to her left side. I was on the right and she was fine if you came from that direction! So I learned to give her food from the right side!!
She slept so much in the beginning. She was finally able to recover once she had the O2.
She had many visitors. Pilar was there too but not in the pic. THANKS FOR TAKING CARE OF US!!!
2 am they gave her an IV. She needed 3 boluses and a maintenance drip before she had a wet diaper. She was soooo dehydrated.
Daddy helped me relax and then I could sleep. The sun was setting which made for a great picture... LADIES STAY AWAY! HE IS MINE!!!
She had a reaction to the tape :( Both cheeks were RED! P.S. She also had an ear infection!!! This meant that if the sickness was bacterial the antibiotics for the ear infection would/will also combat the cold.
After napping (pic above) she woke at 8:30 pm and was up till 10:30 pm just dancing and playing!!!
The next morning it was a slow start and desatted a few times. But after an hour she was great!!! No O2 needed.
(Today was her first day she woke up happy and really healthy (3/20/10)!)
Her appetite came back!!! A breakfast sandwich looked so yummy!!!
This was last night... sleeping soundly without struggling to breath! This was the first time in a week! We are so thankful she is home, happy and healthy!!! Thank you Grandma for making my bed.. and Grandpa thank you for picking me up and bringing me home. When you walked through the door I was soooo happy to see you!!!


Teryn said...

praise God for her recovery! She is such a cutie.

sarahmamaoftwo said...

THank you Jesus she is ok!