Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Round 2 - 3/22/10

Sorry so blurry.... I was shaking too much!
I actually sobbed in that back of the ambulance this time. I think it is the first time since they were born that I let go and cried like this for them. She was sleeping or else I would have stayed solid for her. I have had some tears here and there, but with all I wrote in last few posts it seems like it all hit me at once. I thank God every time I look at them that they are strong, happy and healthy!!!
Resting in the ambulance... it was nap time. But she was very groggy!!!
Getting an EKG, she hardly minded with the volunteers out of frame blowing bubbles for her :)
Still kinda sluggy... but getting better.
They gave her a Build-A-Bear... and it only cost $75!!!Back to her normal self by evening :)!

So we had to go to the hospital again! As I have said before we are not going to be taking anymore chances with the girls. Aaron came in from going for a walk with all four kids. As they were coming home he noticed Sabrina was not acting normal and brought her in to me. When he came in she was on his shoulder, very pale and lethargic. We then called 911 thinking it was an O2 issue, but didn't see her struggling with her breathing so we had no idea. The firehouse is a few minutes away so they were here in minutes. They saw her behavior, asked the history and then checked her blood sugar. It was 65 which is on the lower end, but it was just before lunch time so this makes sense. After another ambulance ride to Dornebechers (per Aaron's request) they did several tests including: blood work, x-ray and ekg. They found nothing. After she received one bolus of fluids she seems to be doing better. Then by evening she was back to normal. They could never quite put their finger on it and said, "It must have been a fluke. At least we know what it is not." I am still not sure what they meant by that. But, she is home, happy and healthy once again. We are taking it easy and making sure she drinks tons of fluids. On the way home from the hospital we picked up some Pediolite. OH YEAH... the blood work did show her Pottassium (K) levels were low. This could have been from dehydration. We will never really know. I followed up with her regular Pediatrician and we will be hearing more tomorrow. SHE IS AMAZING I LOVE HER! Last week was the first time we met her and we are very impressed. We are hoping she has some answers for us. We will post you as we know!

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sarahmamaoftwo said...

Soooooo sad! Seeing these pictures makes me thankful for what really matters!!! i am praying for you and Aaron and the kiddos! Love U.