Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beach time with Carolyn!

Fun at the beach!!
Sofi had a fever and was so sad most of the time, but nothing ice cream can't fix!
Bina ate hers and Alex's... he wasn't feel good either. My 3 youngest had a 24-hour fever.
This is Tyler's flag. At 6 I am going to make a flag for each child, given them a special name and teach them they are growing up and ready to learn so many wonderful things about life, God and all His goodness! The flag will wave on their birthdays and any other special days... like if they did well on a test, won their game or any other special event!

Tyler The Protector!
This is represented by the shield, his favorite color is red and he also picked blue and the cross symbolizes Christ's death on the cross and "t" for Tyler!

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