Thursday, July 2, 2009

More beach!

Alex in the sand!
He's breaking out. Check out his RED HAIR!
Auggie's toes!
Beauty on the beach!
They love to play together. The boys are such wonderful brothers. They had such a blast on the car ride too! I taught Tichu, Pilar and Tyler how to play Alphabet game.
Bina, Tichu and Pilar! "She was so cute. When she wanted to swing more, she's stick out her tummy and tip her head back and make a cute noise! " -Natividad
Let's go to the water. We brought the girls close and a big wave came up and got them both totally soaked!!! It was funny, but they were soooo cold! We had to change them and wrap them really fast. After they got their bottles they were happy!
Ty in the sand!
He was much deeper and needed help getting out!
Free and full of sand.

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