Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some great pics from the last few days!

Tyler's special Lunch out! We talked about what it means to be a 6 year old! He was so proud!
Red Robin servers sang to him and gave him balloons!
The girls are watching the boys out the window!
Wrestling with Branden... I could not get them still enough to take a clear picture. They were having too much fun. Ty said, "I like Branden because he is ROUGH!" You have got that right kids!
Today we went to the park... It GOT HOT!!! I ended up with the boys bikes on the stroller and Alex in the back of the stroller at one point! The sacrifices of being a Mama! We had a blast and that is all that matters!
The boys love to climb and play!
This is as far as she got...
She was quite hesitant at first. Bina was up and in in now time!
My first big girl cup!

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sarah said...

LOVE the Birthday pics with mommy and daddy at Red Robin!! WOW time flies!! i remember throwing you a shower and now look at Tyler such a handsome young man!! Happy Birthday Tyler!