Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mom and Dad...I tried to call tonight, so if you read this first all is ok!!!
But Thursday was soooo hot and we were outside a lot... Bina had a 3 second seizure we think induced by heat stroke. It could have also been her head was turned weird and she was in pain... but I am thinking it is b/c of the heat. She froze and stiffened, Beth laid hands on her began to pray and she snapped out of it right away. After that she drooled a little, was dopey and then was playing like nothing happened. We called the nurse and she said if it happens again she should go to children's hospital. If not, she needs to be seen tomorrow. I will make an appointment in the morning! She was fine afterward and no other seizures. We are all drinking tons of water. I will update you after the appointment.

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