Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New stuff

So... new stuff this week.
Sophia for the past two weeks has been through temper tantrums. Bina has now joined her. They are crying in a way that one can tell it is just for attention, it is almost a grumpy moan. Sophia's thumb is sore and might begin to calus because she sucks her thumb during naps and at bed time. I triend putting a bandaid on it and boy did she ever get mad. I will do it during the day when she doesn't normally suck her thumb and remove it for naps and bed time. This way we will give it time to heal and maybe it won't calus.
Also, today we took Tyler out for his special 6th b-day lunch. We talked about what it means to be 6 years old and the responsibilities that come with it. Loving and serving God with all of his heart and becoming a man! He loved all the attention! We went to Red Robin where they sing Happy Birthday with clapping and balloons. He had a blast. He is also very interested in word searches, which was on the menu at Red Robin. He preffered the word search over the archade games. We discussed loving God and how some people don't. He said if bad guy ever took him, who didn't love God, he would tell the bad guy Jesus loves him. My eyes began to fill with tears. We are so proud of little man of God!
Alex is hitting a hard age for both Aaron and I. He is often loud and too rough with sisters. We are working on teaching him to be kind and gentle. Other times he is so protective and loving, and he PROTECTS EVERYONE! When day Aaron was wrestling with Tyler, Alex walks in with his warrior helmet on and says, "Don't you do that to my brother Tyler!" We know God made him this way, BOLD AND READY TO PROTECT! We just need to find a balance with kindness and gentlness!!!
We are thrilled with our family of 6 and know we are in God's will!!!!!

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