Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The girls are getting SOOOO BIG!!!

Face down in the couch over my belly. This is how Sophia fell asleep today!
Darling little thing!
Just as I was about to put Sophia down Bina woke up. Bina and I snuggled watching part of Rachel Ray and Ellen! SHE NEVER SNUGGLES!!!! 
 I felt like I had one baby, all day long. When one went down the other woke up! I loved every second of it... I will rest well tonight for sure!

Sabrina is lifting her arms up in the air when we say SOOO BIG! She is standing for up to 5 sec and is now afraid of the vacuum like she used to be afraid of the grass. 

Sophia is still working on tooth number two and is trying to stand on her own here and there. 

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THE TATROS said...

i was a nanny for twin baby girls before i became a mommy and I went from one baby to the next all day long...lots of snuggle time but they can wear you out! :)