Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Year Check Up!

The girls had their one year shot and physicals today! They both weigh 16 12.5 and Sabrina is 1/4 of an inch taller! Sabrina's head size jumped up quite a bit so, they are going to re-measure in 6 weeks. He is not concerned, but is going to cover his bases is all! They both cried so hard with shots that they turned red and got all sweaty!!!
Usually preemies are caught up around 2 years... but he think they will be caught up by 18 months PTL!!! He could tell that Sophia quite a people person and Sabrina proved she loves her Daddy and doesn't like strangers. She has turned into quite a Daddy's-girl. Whenever she sees him she crawl turbo speed with the biggest smile on her face. Sophia loves him to, but favors me!  

The boys have been such a joy. The other day Alex wanted to step on a potato bug. I said no, we have to respect animals. He said, "Mommy, just go inside!" with a nod of his head! SOOOO CUTE! Alex was also carrying our twin dolls around the other day, just how I carry the girls. I will have to post a pic when they get up from naps. It makes people nervous... but one has to do what one has to do! Tyler has been acting very 6! He is asking tons of questions and being very responsible. I guess that come with being the first! He is still reading very well and loves to learn about new things. Socrates at its finest. Sometimes I have to ask him to just not talk... :) Can't wait for the girls to hit this age! 

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The Carpenter's Wife and kids said...

Do you pick both the girls up at the same time? So do I. Most people seem amazed and scared all at once but I like getting the exercise and avoiding one girl feeling left out.