Friday, May 8, 2009

Laura's wisdom and Ibarra's love!

These are the three main things I learned from my cousin Laura. 
-My discipline should not change when others are around. The kids new they could get away with more when people were around. Discernment is the key... but the kids need to know I mean business. 
-The girls are old enough now that I can take care of Alex's needs first, at times, instead of saying "after I am done with the girls". 
-AND if the girls are old enough to steal a toy from sister and then hit her on the head with it, they can learn right from wrong. Since I have been teaching them their attitudes have been totally different. I HAVE SINCE COOKED DINNER TWO NIGHT IN A ROW!!! Before these new lessons learned... I catered too much to the girls and let them get away with too much! 
-Laura also gave me other good ideas helping Alex adjust to have sisters who take up my time. Alex is a big quality time person, so we are planning special dates for just him. Today he spent the afternoon with Pilar and Natividad! They did special things with just him! His love tank was filled!!! While Alex was out, the girls napped and I had special time with Tyler. It worked out perfect. Next time they will switch!!!

SABRINA IS STANDING ON HER OWN FOR ABOUT 5 SECS. Will get a video soon. She is also saying a few new words like Ty-Ty (almost) and poop:) when she is poopy!!! 

Sophia has a tooth!!!! This is the only area she has jumped ahead of Sabrina. Other than that she is about 3-4 weeks behind Sabrina. But not anything we need to be concerned about! Different personalities can change all this!


Betsy said...

I totally noticed a difference in Auggies attitude after he went with me to pick up Will and to the store. He was normal rough and tough Alex before, and when we got back from one-on-one time, he was happy and kept telling you and Hunter how much he loved you! Even if it's not with Mama, just special time is good for him! Keep up the good work, Mama (and Daddy, too!)

Tana said...

Some good words thanks for sharing!!