Sunday, May 10, 2009


Many mothers want Mother's Day to be their day off. To be honored with breakfast in bed, not have to do anything all day and have the day be just perfect. 
But I have an idea. Let's do this:

Mother's Day is a day for Mother's to be honored and adored. Gifts, flowers, cards or whatever you pick! But, maybe a special breakfast with everyone or just special time with the kids... doing whatever family tradition you come up with. Dad's can help, or sleep in or be a part of the fun day. They decide their part but Mother's Day is a special day to be with MOMMY!

THEN ON FATHER'S DAY... he does the same thing... and Moms... we can sleep in or be a part of the day by showing honor to Dads. But Dads it is your day to spend the day with your kids!!!! AKA... Day off for Moms!!!! At least morning off to sleep in, so Dads can spend the morning with their kids. Then a family event with everyone later in the day!

This way each person helps make it a special day. The father will want to go out of their way so he can get the day off... and visa versa. Also, if you are a gift person... buy yourself a gift a few weeks before, give it to your spouse and say... THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR MOTHER'S/FATHER'S Day! NO DISAPPOINTMENT!!! I have done it the last two holidays and WE LOVE IT!!! This necklace I picked out a few weeks ago, bought it, gave it to Aaron that day and said, "Here this is for Mother's Day!!!" 

Or am I all confused. Is Mother's Day a day to honor Moms so we can have the day off??? I just feel bad if I am not with my kids on Mother's Day! But when Father's Day comes around... TAKE THEM!!! THEY ARE ALL YOURS! LOL!

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Tana said...

I was thinking about just this yesterday. It brings more joy and contentment to my heart to watch my husband and my boys working together to serve me. That may sound crazy. While, it's nice to have some mommy time on Mother's Day it's much nicer to rejoice with the family and reflect on what wonderful treasures we have been entrusted with.