Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am sitting here chatting with a dear friend I have not yet met. Once you have preemie twins you are automatically a part of a club for life. She has 29 6/7 weeker girls. There is a connection and no words need to be said. Cacey and I have been chatting here and there on Facebook and following each other's blogs. Here is her link to hers.... http://hopeandpeyton.blogspot.com/


Many of you prayed for Sabrina almost a year ago.. so that she would not need heart surgery and her PDA would close up on its own. Within 48 hours of my posting for prayer, Sabrina's PDA closed. The Drs were shocked it went from being so loud and open to being closed. 
It happens... but they were shocked this fast. Let us all pray in agreement for Hope, that the hole in her heart would close!!!! Hers is actually a hole in her heart and would mean a much  more serious surgery! We serve a God who is able! Here is a copy of the blog entry when prayers were answered for Sabrina. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sabrina is coming home on Saturday! 
She needs to keep gaining weight, her blood pressure has to remain low and she needs to pass a one hour car seat test. The secretary has already called to set up all her follow up visits. This is when it really hit me that my baby is coming home!!! Sophia is doing great and we are praying for a miracle over night for her as well. She is still on some oxygen and could come with oxygen by Saturday as well, but they are giving her a little more time show us what she is capable of. We are expecting her to be home next week if not with Sabrina. 

To make sure each of you is updated... Sabrina had a moderate heart murmur, meaning she still had the hole in her heart on Monday. Tuesday... the murmur was gone!!! Her blood pressure was high and now it is where it is suppose to be. OVER NIGHT... God anyone???? On Monday we were thinking she would have to stay another week, but she is coming home!!!!! 

I looked into their crib today and almost began to cry. God is amazing in how He created each one of us... but then to think the girls were born 3 MONTHS EARLY!!! And they are doing amazing! Sophia, bless her little heart and lungs :)... almost did not make it.  Just the fact that she needed Nitric medicine and she survived is huge, per explanation by nurse Jenni. I don't think I will truly fully understand that Sophia had the difficult time she did the first 24 hours of her life. I am so glad I will have days filled with 4 babies calling for my attention!!! God gave me four for a reason and I will thank Him daily!!! No matter what!

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